Comfort and practicality combined with minimalist design - that's the main goal of my creative journey


I'm Evelina, the founder of the EDGClothes brand, and I want to share my creative journey with you. For seven years, I've been traveling this path, creating accessories for your little ones and gradually introducing accessories for you as well. The main goal of this journey is to create hats that are not only stylish but also practical and comfortable.


Every hat is crafted with only you and your needs in mind. Each detail is carefully thought out, and every new design is created with immense love and attention, tested many times. It's important to me that my products would be of the highest quality and comfort first, with style details following later. When creating each new item, I want it to be them truly cherished and accompany you every day.

You know, I've been creating beanies and balaclavas for many years, so their quality reflects my long-term experience growing alongside your little ones. EDGClothes is not just a brand I've created - it's a part of my life, an expression of my creativity.

I take pride in having a large circle of returning customers, growing alongside EDGClothes. Each of your returns and feedback is a significant appreciation of my work and a huge joy from the heart.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. Let's continue this wonderful creative journey together!

Warmest regards and love, Evelina