Red Toddler hat helmet
    Red Toddler hat helmet
    Red Toddler hat helmet Red Toddler hat helmet Red Toddler hat helmet Red Toddler hat helmet Red Toddler hat helmet Red Toddler hat helmet Red Toddler hat helmet
    2POMPOM Balaclava (Light purple)
    2POMPOM Balaclava (Light blue)

    Back POMPOM Balaclava (Black)

    Back POMPOM Balaclava (Black).

    The hat is suitable for winter. 

    Two layers hat - outside / brushed cotton (98% cotton, 2% elastic), inside / organic jersey (95% cotton, 5% elastic) or merino wool (please choose selection)

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    Size: 46
    Color: Black COZ5
    Please choose a hat lining: Cotton

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    Black pompom hat is the thing needs mom for her baby, toddler. 

    This cotton warm helmet is perfect choice for all children. Super comfortable and easy to use. 
    Hooded hat is made from high quality brushed cotton fabric, two layers - Soft and warm. 

    Toddler beanie - the best thing we ever had in winter. This baby slouchy helps to keep child neck covered all the time. You will love it after few times of wearing. You wont need any additional neck scarf and will have everything in one hand. 

    - Warm baby hat for boys and for girls.
    - Two layers hat for babies and young children
    - Made from warm soft brushed cotton fabric (98% cotton, 5% elastic). Inside layer is jersey or merino wool.
    - Child hat Suitable for winter for about +2-10C/ 14-32F temperature, with merino -8-15C/ 5-17,5F.
    - Machine washable (but please hang to air dry)

    SIZE CHART according to Your child head measures (circumference). IMPORTANT !! Please measure real head circumference not other hat measures.

    Centimeters Inches 

    6 months - 44 cm, 17,3''
    12 months - 46 cm, 18,2''
    2 years - 48 cm, 19''
    3 years - 50 cm, 19,7''
    4 years - 52 cm, 20,5''
    5 years - 54 cm, 21,3

    The items are washable at 30 degrees and easy to maintain,  with merino wool only hand wash. 

    Please note that the color in picture and reality may differ
    1 Items

    Data sheet

    95% cotton, 5% elastic
    Instruction for use:
    Machine washable at 30 degree, with merino wool only HANDWASH! Do NOT use DRRYIG MASHINE!
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